Obtaining Green Cards in Wichita

A Green Card serves as proof of an individual's lawful permanent residence in the United States. In order to obtain a green card quickly, it is vital to retain a knowledgeable immigration lawyer who understands the law, how to apply, and how to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

How do I get a Green Card?

There are several avenues to take in order to obtain a Green Card. With the help of Attorney Gregory Beuke, you can determine which process you are eligible for. Depending on what fits your needs best, Attorney Beuke can help you fill out the necessary forms and submit them to the proper authorities in order to obtain your new or renewed Green Card as quickly as possible.

An individual may obtain a green card by filing a form I-90 if he or she is a permanent resident whose 10-year Form I-551 has expired or is set to expire within 6 months. If you are outside of the United States and are returning within a year, but your Green Card will expire within the next 6 months, you must:

  • File for a renewal card once you return to the United States
  • Contact the nearest U.S. Consulate or U.S. port of entry if your Green Card has already expired

No matter what you situation is, Attorney Gregory Beuke has the resources to help every step of the way.

A Wichita Immigration Lawyer at Your Service

If you live in Wichita or the surrounding areas and need help with any matter regarding your immigration status, contact Attorney Gregory Beuke and his team as soon as possible. He and his staff provide personalized attention to detail and compassionate care to each of their clients. Call today for an initial case evaluation.