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Occupation ICT Protest

Attorney Gregory S.J. Beuke was interviewed by KAKE Television regarding protests over President Trump's increased use of immigration raids. Attorney Beuke attended the protest to offer legal advice to immigrants concerned about the possibility of being deported back to their home country. The protest was organized by the Sunflower Community Action and ICTindivisible groups.

Speaking about what you should do if ICE comes knocking on your door, Attorney Beuke said, “It's best not to answer it right away. Make them show you a warrant before even opening the door. And that warrant has to be signed by a judge.”

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Gregory S.J. Beuke Ltd Moves into Tallest Building in Kansas

Our law firm recently moved into a 2,500 square foot office on the 10th floor of the Epic Center. The building was recently renovated with faster and more efficient elevators. The first floor also features an Il Primo Espresso Caffe that offers both breakfast and lunch daily.

To see the full feature on the all-new Epic Center, click here to read The Wichita Eagle.

Attorney Beuke Discusses Sanctuary Cities & Federal Grant Money

After President Donald Trump said he wants to withhold federal grant money for sanctuary cities, Attorney Beuke spoke to KWCH12 about how it might impact Sedgwick County, even though it isn’t a sanctuary county.

According to Attorney Beuke, the phrase “sanctuary cities" is a political term, not a legal term. "The sanctuary city issue is an issue of federal funding going to these jurisdictions, or restricting that funding, so it's not even so much increased patrols or enforcements," said Attorney Beuke. "It's an effort to get Sedgwick County to honor these requests."

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Attorney Beuke Explains the Impact of Trump’s Executive Order

When President Trump announced his immigration ban to keep travelers from Syria, Somalia, Sudan Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Iran out of the United States, its impact was immediately felt by the foreign students at Wichita State University from the seven predominantly Muslim countries. Under the president’s executive order, these students might not be able to return to school if they go back to their home countries when the semester ends.

Speaking to Eyewitness News, Attorney Beuke had the following to say about the Muslim ban:

“The whole implementation of this has come in chaotic and very sudden form. People when they left were fine, and when they landed, things changed. Things are different now. It's not too clear what the situation is, if there'll be decisions on applications, failing to issue the visa, or no decision at this point.”

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Consult with an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

Do you need legal advice regarding an asylum claim or citizenship application? Do you have questions about DACA eligibility? Then get in touch with Gregory S.J. Beuke Ltd to discuss your situation with our dedicated legal professionals. We handle all immigration matters, and we will gladly walk you through each step of the legal process to make sure your best interests are fully protected.

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